About Me

As a recent Economics graduate, I aim to pursue law with interest in corporate and intellectual property law. With plans to apply to law school, I am eager to gain practical experience through internships and volunteer work. My goal is to become a skilled and ethical lawyer, making a meaningful impact and upholding justice and fairness principles. Passionate about my legal career, I strive to apply legal knowledge to real-world challenges and build a strong professional network.


Child & Youth Support Worker

Mentor children and youth with disabilities to facilitate their development and easy intergration into society. Offer a helping hand to the families of children and youth with disabilities in the day-to-day home activities to ensure that the home runs smoothly. Create and maintain a learning environment for the children and youth to learn and improve their life skills through engaging in different recreational activities. Support children and youth to reach their academic goals by providing assistance with any school related activities, assignments, revisions, and/or practice to improve areas of weakness. Work hand in hand with families to keep track of changes in habits, routines and interests to ensure that the needs of children and youth with disabilities are fully met.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Comfort Care Aide

Assisted seniors in daily living, including companionship for dementia, COVID-19 support, monitoring dining areas for emergencies, collaborating with healthcare professionals, documenting residents’ behavior, and delivering meals with strict safety measures during isolation, while working closely with Health Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Respite Worker

Administered prescribed meals and medications to individuals, facilitated daily routines to meet care needs, documented program progress, incidents, and concerns, and collaborated with fellow staff members in executing care plans and daily responsibilities.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Volunteer Experience

1. Youth Leader [Friends Of Daniel] at Zion Temple Celebration Centre Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2. Leader-Children Ministry/Moses Generation at Zion Temple Celebration Centre Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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